Titleist Vokey Design SM10 Wedge Jet Black

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Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Steel Stock Wedge Shaft

True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Steel Stock Wedge Shaft

Right or Left Hand: Right Hand

Right Hand

Loft: 54.14 F

46.10 F
48.10 F
50.08 F
50.12 F
52.08 F
52.12 F
54.08 M
54.10 S
54.12 D
54.14 F
56.08 M
56.10 S
56.12 D
56.14 F
58.04 T
58.08 M
58.10 S
58.12 D
58.14 K
60.04 T
60.08 M
60.10 S
60.12 D
60.14 K
62.08 M
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Product Information

FEATURES Experience the transformative power of fresh grooves, especially when crafted into a Vokey Design SM10 Wedge with a grind tailored to your preferences. Embrace Vokey Design's most advanced innovation, trusted by elite wedge players worldwide, and elevate your wedge game to new heights. Achieve a lower, more penetrating ball flight with the SM10, which delivers an incredibly solid feel at impact. A precise shift in the center of gravity enhances control and stability, instilling greater confidence in every shot. Each SM10 groove is meticulously cut to the edge to maximize spin, while every Vokey wedge undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure peak quality and performance. Additionally, a localized heat treatment is applied to the impact area, doubling the durability of the grooves. Recognizing the uniqueness of your swing, finding the ideal grind combination will ensure flawless contact and maximum versatility, preparing you for every challenge on the course. With six grind options, including the innovative T Grind, the SM10 unleashes your ultimate wedge game.

TECHNOLOGY Bob Vokey's six tour-proven grinds are engineered to deliver maximum creativity, versatility, and consistency, honed over years of collaboration with top players worldwide. Selecting grinds tailored to your swing, shot preferences, and playing conditions optimizes turf interaction, contact, and shot performance. Optimizing the center of gravity (CG) position is crucial for achieving optimal flight, accuracy, and forgiveness in a wedge. The SM10 boasts a progressive CG individually calibrated for each loft, resulting in maximum performance. In higher lofts, the CG has been shifted higher and forward toward the face, promoting lower, more controlled flight with enhanced stability. Combined with increased MOI, the SM10 offers exceptional feel and consistency. The patented Spin Milled grooves in the SM10 are meticulously crafted through a proprietary cutting process. Each groove is precisely cut based on loft and finish, featuring narrower, deeper grooves in lower lofts (46°-54°) and wider, shallower grooves in higher lofts (56°-62°). Micro-grooves between each main groove maximize spin on partial shots. Furthermore, a proprietary heat treatment is applied to the impact area, doubling groove durability without compromising feel, resulting in the most resilient grooves in golf. Each wedge undergoes thorough inspection to ensure the highest quality and performance standards are met.


  • F GRIND: All-Purpose Grind for Full Wedge Shots
  • M GRIND: Multi-Purpose Grind for Versatility
  • S GRIND: Narrow and Versatile
  • D GRIND: The Player's High Bounce Wedge
  • K GRIND: The Ultimate in Soft Conditions
  • T GRIND: For Sharper Shotmaking

Country of Origin: United States of America Brand: Titleist

Additional Information

True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Steel Stock Wedge Shaft

Right or Left Hand

Right Hand


46.10 F, 48.10 F, 50.08 F, 50.12 F, 52.08 F, 52.12 F, 54.08 M, 54.10 S, 54.12 D, 54.14 F, 56.08 M, 56.10 S, 56.12 D, 56.14 F, 58.04 T, 58.08 M, 58.10 S, 58.12 D, 58.14 K, 60.04 T, 60.08 M, 60.10 S, 60.12 D, 60.14 K, 62.08 M

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