Titleist TSR2 Driver

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Shaft: MCA Aldila Ascent Red 60g Stiff Flex

Project X Hzrdus Red CB 50 Regular Flex
MCA Tensei 1K White 65g X Stiff
MCA MMT 40g Regular Flex
MCA Aldila Ascent Red 60g Stiff Flex

Right or Left Hand: Right Hand

Right Hand

Loft: 8.0

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Categories: Driver Golf Clubs


The Titleist TSR2 Driver is a high-performance golf club designed to maximize distance and accuracy off the tee. Here's a breakdown of its features:

1. **Design**: The TSR2 Driver likely features a modern, aerodynamic design aimed at reducing drag and increasing clubhead speed. Its shape and profile are engineered to optimize performance and forgiveness.

2. **Materials**: Titleist typically uses advanced materials in their drivers to enhance performance. The TSR2 likely incorporates a titanium clubhead for its lightweight strength, allowing for optimal weight distribution and forgiveness.

3. **Adjustability**: Titleist drivers often feature adjustable hosels and weights to fine-tune launch angle, spin, and shot shape. This allows golfers to customize the driver to their swing and preferences for optimal performance.

4. **Forgiveness**: The TSR2 Driver likely incorporates forgiveness features such as a large sweet spot and perimeter weighting to help minimize the impact of off-center hits and improve consistency.

5. **Sound and Feel**: Titleist places emphasis on the sound and feel of their drivers. The TSR2 likely provides a satisfying sound at impact and a solid feel throughout the swing, enhancing golfer confidence.

6. **Shaft Options**: Titleist typically offers a variety of high-quality shaft options to suit different swing speeds and preferences. This allows golfers to find the shaft that best complements their game.

7. **Performance**: The TSR2 Driver is designed to deliver maximum distance and accuracy off the tee. It likely provides a combination of high launch, low spin, and ample forgiveness to help golfers achieve optimal results on the course.

8. **Aesthetics**: Titleist drivers often have a clean and classic appearance, with minimal graphics and a premium finish. The TSR2 likely maintains this aesthetic, appealing to traditionalists while still incorporating modern technology.

Overall, the Titleist TSR2 Driver is a premium club designed to meet the needs of golfers seeking distance, accuracy, and adjustability off the tee.

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Project X Hzrdus Red CB 50 Regular Flex, MCA Tensei 1K White 65g X Stiff, MCA MMT 40g Regular Flex, MCA Aldila Ascent Red 60g Stiff Flex

Right or Left Hand

Right Hand


8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0

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