Titleist TSR1 Hybrid

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Shaft: MMT Speedmesh 50 Senior Flex

MMT Speedmesh 50 Senior Flex
MMT Speedmesh 50 Regular Flex

Right or Left Hand: Right Hand

Right Hand

Loft: #4 / 20 deg.

#4 / 20 deg.
#5 / 23 deg.
#6 / 26 deg.
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The Titleist TSR1 Hybrid is a versatile golf club designed to provide golfers with consistent distance, forgiveness, and playability from various lies on the course. Here's an overview of its features:

1. **Design**: The TSR1 Hybrid likely features a sleek and compact design with a low-profile clubhead. This design helps promote a high launch angle and optimal ball flight while providing confidence at address.

2. **Materials**: Titleist typically uses advanced materials in their hybrids to optimize performance. The TSR1 Hybrid may feature a stainless steel clubhead for durability and weight distribution, allowing for precise center of gravity placement.

3. **Adjustability**: While hybrids typically offer less adjustability compared to drivers, the TSR1 may still feature some options for loft adjustment or lie angle customization to suit individual preferences and playing conditions.

4. **Forgiveness**: The TSR1 Hybrid likely incorporates forgiveness features such as perimeter weighting and a low and deep center of gravity. These features help improve stability and consistency, especially on off-center hits, resulting in straighter and more predictable shots.

5. **Shaft Options**: Titleist typically offers a variety of high-quality shaft options for their hybrids, allowing golfers to choose the shaft that best suits their swing characteristics and preferences, whether it's graphite or steel.

6. **Performance**: The TSR1 Hybrid is designed to provide golfers with reliable distance and accuracy, particularly on longer approach shots or shots from the rough. Its design promotes a higher launch and optimal spin for soft landings on the green.

7. **Aesthetics**: Titleist hybrids often have a clean and classic appearance with minimal graphics and a premium finish. The TSR1 Hybrid likely maintains this aesthetic, appealing to golfers who appreciate the traditional look combined with modern technology.

Overall, the Titleist TSR1 Hybrid is a high-performance club that offers golfers versatility, forgiveness, and confidence on the course, making it a valuable addition to any golfer's bag.

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MMT Speedmesh 50 Senior Flex, MMT Speedmesh 50 Regular Flex

Right or Left Hand

Right Hand


#4 / 20 deg., #5 / 23 deg., #6 / 26 deg.

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