Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver

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Shaft: Project X Cypher 40 Regular

Project X Cypher 40 Senior
Project X Cypher 40 Stiff
Project X Cypher 40 Regular

Right or Left Hand: Right Hand

Right Hand
Left Hand

Loft: 10.5

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Introducing the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver:

The lightweight Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver is tailor-made for players with slow-to-moderate swing speeds, those seeking to enhance speed, and enthusiasts of lightweight clubs. By foregoing the adjustable hosel and opting for a lighter shaft, the XL Lite shaves off 12 grams compared to the standard Launcher XL, resulting in an ultra-lightweight design that, paired with a longer shaft, amplifies club head speed and distance.

Powered by Rebound Frame technology, the new Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver stands as the fastest and longest driver ever produced by Cleveland. While conventional drivers rely on a flexible face to compress and decompress upon impact, Rebound Frame introduces a second layer of flexibility. Together, the face and frame function akin to dual springs, transferring more energy from the club head to the golf ball. This innovative technology redirects energy typically lost, resulting in increased speed, particularly on center-face impacts. Cleveland asserts that even the most flexible driver face cannot match the energy transfer efficiency of Rebound Frame's dual Flex Zones.

In golf terms, MOI (Moment of Inertia) pertains to an object's resistance to rotation, a crucial factor as off-center strikes naturally induce club head rotation, leading to off-target shots. To mitigate misses and enhance forgiveness, Cleveland enlarged the Launcher XL's club head, allowing engineers to redistribute mass away from the center. Consequently, stability is dramatically increased, with the Launcher XL boasting an 11% MOI increase compared to Cleveland's previous generation driver.

The Launcher XL Lite's final technological marvel lies within its shaft. Cleveland incorporates an 8g weight at the shaft's end, creating a "counterbalanced" effect with dynamic benefits. As the club is addressed, the Action Mass CB weight imparts a lighter, more controlled feel. Enhanced control translates to greater stability and a consistent, repeatable swing. During the downswing, Action Mass guides the hands downward, aiding in maintaining close arm proximity and promoting a desirable swing plane, thus reducing the likelihood of an "over the top" casting motion. The result: a squarer club face and straighter shots.


  • Ultra-lightweight design with a 0.25" longer shaft for increased club head speed
  • Rebound Frame introduces a second flex zone in the body for enhanced energy transfer, boosting ball speed and distance
  • Larger head with extreme perimeter weighting elevates MOI to 5,100 for exceptional forgiveness
  • Low, deep weighting ensures high launch for maximum carry distance
  • 8g Weight at the end of the grip enhances balance, control, consistency, and promotes a square face at impact with reduced slice
  • Stock Shaft: Project X Cypher 40 Graphite
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (52g)
  • Includes matching headcover and wrench
  • Sold exclusively through authorized Cleveland retailers.
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Project X Cypher 40 Senior, Project X Cypher 40 Stiff, Project X Cypher 40 Regular

Right or Left Hand

Right Hand, Left Hand


10.5, 12.0

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