Golf Club Repair

Revolutionizing Golf Club Repair

 We G.E.T. love your clubs. At ParWest Golf, we understand what your golf clubs mean to you. With a fully-renovated golf club repair center & over 40 years of experience in the industry, we feature Golf Equipment Technicians. Our staff are experts in all facets of club building, repair, refurbishing, & customization. When you bring your clubs to us, you can expect unmatched attention-to-detail by our certified professionals. That's our homegrown promise.

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Full Service Golf Club Repair Shop

Grip Install                                                                                 $3.00

*Same day installation on 4 or less grips.

Customer Provided/Bubble/Belly Grip Install                 $5.00

Save Grip                                                                                   $5.50

Baked-On Grip Removal                                                       $2.00

Shaft/Adapter Install & Re-Epoxy Work                            $15.00

Bore-Thru Shaft Install                                                           $20.00

Shaft Removal                                                                            $10.00

Shaft Lengthening                                                                      $6.50

Shaft Shortening                                                                       $5.50 

Digital Loft & Lie Check                                                            $5.00

Digital Loft & Lie Adjustment                                              $10.00

*Set of 8: $70.00        

Swing Weight Adjustment                                                      $10.00

                   *Swing Weight Check: $5.00     

Club Head Rattle Repair                                                           $11.50

Expedited Same-Day Grip Install                                          $30.00

Expedited 1-day Epoxy Work                                                 $40.00