Golf Club Fitting

When it comes to golf club fitting, technology matters.

We want you to play your best golf ever. To get you there, we provide an extensive and thorough club fitting. Our club fitting consultants are considered to be some of the top golf club fitters in the Northwest & we couldn't have gotten here without a commitment to technology. ParWest Golf's custom fitting center is equipped with Foresight Sport's GC Quad Launch Monitor that allows our club fitting consultants to collect & analyze data about your shots in real time. No one offers a more experienced & technology-driven fitting than ParWest Golf.

Fittings - $99.99

We offer iron, driver, wood, & hybrid fittings. Each session takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

Please bring in your current clubs to show what improvements can be made. Call or email to schedule an session today!

What kind of golfer are you & why the right golf clubs matter...

For beginners, casual golfers & those just getting back into the game...

Golf clubs that fit your height, arm length, address position, & overall swing is crucial. Playing or practicing with the wrong equipment does more harm than good - let us help you get on the right track to grow your game the right way.

Are you consistently breaking 100  and ready to crack 90?

If you're a seasoned golfer but want to take that next step to elevate your game, then custom clubs can maximize your current swing. Getting the correct equipment into your hands to fill distance gaps & eliminate inconsistent shots will help realize your potential on the course.

Single handicap golfers looking to fine-tune their game...

Congrats. You've reached a level of golf that many desire. To stay there, you'll want the right clubs to work the ball, shot shape, & pull off shots that has your buddies filled with envy. Let us help make your 'less-than-perfect' shots even better!